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Build Slicer in win10

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Hi Slicers,
  I am trying to build slicer by VS2008, when I begin to compile slicer.sln,I get the next error:

18>ImportError: No module named _ctypes
18>CMake Error at H:/Slicer4/CMake/ExternalProjectForNonCMakeProject.cmake:76 (message):
18>  python-setuptools: Error in install step.  See
18>  H:/slicer4-superbuild11/python-setuptools_install_step_output.txt and
18>  H:/slicer4-superbuild11/python-setuptools_install_step_error.txt
18>Call Stack (most recent call first):
18>  H:/slicer4-superbuild11/python-setuptools_install_step.cmake:3 (ExternalProject_Execute)
18>Project :  error PRJ0019: A tool returned an error code from: "Performing install step for 'python-setuptools'"

could someone help me?