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Problem of setting Remote Debug

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Hi Slicer supporters/developers, firstly I would like to ask some questions regarding the possibility of using slicer for my application, then I would ask some thing about setting the debug working.

I would like to use slicer in 3d application. In such application, I need to do the following:

-I would like to change the layout of 3D volume "Dual 3D" in to full screen, which means I need to change all the GUI and only show the left and right rendered volume without R, Y, G and any other panels. Is possible to do this and could you give some suggestions where I have to modify inside the slicer scripts?

-Then  I would like to synchronize the the two views of the "Dual 3D", currently only one is active and I have read in slicer 3 that is the limitation of the Slicer software. Here I have another question: Is possible to make the two view synchronized or two camera synchronized?

1.I have followed the build instructions to build Qt 4.8.7 debug mode successfully by using the following information :

Visual Studio 2013 with Update 5, as of commit 7160260: Slicer compilation is successful, with some caveats.
CMake >= 3.3.1
Build Qt 4.8.7 with SSL support using qt-easy-build.
For Debug mode, disable Slicer_USE_SimpleITK in CMake.

2. Then I did the 3 steps listed in the checkout slicer source files

3. then followed Per-platform instructions (windows) to build the "ALL_BUILD" project  successfully with debug mode.

4. Then I open Slicer.sln in visual studio and select debug as build configure, and build again, everything is fine.

Then use liclipse 3.6.0 with java 8, and Eclipse to Neon.3 (4.6.3). to set the debug tool by doing the following
1. Slicer->Edit->Application settings->Modules->Additional module paths:
  1a. Add location of your .py file(s)
  1b. Restart Slicer
2. In LiClipse, Start Debug Server (see module wiki page for instructions)
3. In Slicer->Modules->Developer tools->Python debugger->Connect
4. In LiClipse, Open the debug window: in the menu Window > Open Perspective > Other > Debug
5. Resume when it pauses
6. Open .py file(s) from Additional module paths: above in LiClipse
7. Debug

However, I tried  the HelloPython module from the slicer tutorial, it worked a couple of time, then does not work any more.

For Debugging in C++, I used the right version of pip, and ptvsd, and I also set TCP port (5678) of slicer.exe in fire wall, then I followed the following steps:
     In Visual Studio, select Debug > Attach to Process to display the Attach to Process window, then:
        Choose Python remote (ptvsd) as the Transport.
        Enter "tcp://slicer@localhost" as the Qualifier. Here, "slicer" should match the secret specified in    enable_attach().
        Press Enter or click Refresh. The Slicer process should appear in the list below. Select the Slicer process and click Attach.

Once the debugger attaches, you can use breakpoints, step through the code, and examine variables in the Watch window.

However, the problem is that the debugger is never attached because the Slicer process did not appear in the list and the Attach button is not active.

I really hope you can help me with my first two questions and the debug issues.

Thanks !!

Best regards