Using itkDeformableSimplexMesh3DFilter

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Using itkDeformableSimplexMesh3DFilter

Dan Chang
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Hi all.
I am trying to make a CLI module that uses itkDeformableSimplexMesh3DFilter to create a deformable surface model from label maps.

As the first step, I am trying to test if this example [1] could be replicated in Slicer. I have used the Extension creater module to generate a CLI module. However, I get [2] error on the line

SimplexFilterType::Pointer simplexFilter = SimplexFilterType::New();  

Another question is how to feed the labelmap to this filter. I currently am thinking to do something similar in this example [3]. Am I headed in the right direction?

Thanks in advance!


[2] error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol "public: __cdecl itk::SimplexMeshGeometry::~SimplexMeshGeometry(void)" (??1SimplexMeshGeometry@itk@@QEAA@XZ) referenced in function "protected: virtual __cdecl itk::SimplexMesh<double,3,class itk::DefaultDynamicMeshTraits<double,3,3,double,double,double> >::~SimplexMesh<double,3,class itk::DefaultDynamicMeshTraits<double,3,3,double,double,double> >(void)" (??1?$SimplexMesh@N$02V?$DefaultDynamicMeshTraits@N$02$02NNN@itk@@@itk@@MEAA@XZ) D:\Dropbox\Slicer\dev\CLI\DeformableMesh460\DeformableSimplexMesh\DeformableSimplexMesh.obj DeformableSimplexMeshLib